Sunset Lane Miniwarehouse
We have a gated entry with 24 hour access, as there is
no main gate that gets opened in the morning and
locked at night.

Also, we send out monthly statements to all of our
customers explaining all charges.  Tenants can mail
their payments to the remittance address or stop by the
office and pay in person.
Sunset Lane Miniwarehouse is a  
modern storage facility located at 2755
Sunset Lane, in Henderson, Kentucky.  We
offer a
variety of sizes to accommodate the
needs of our customers.  We also offer a
couple other amenities that many of our
competitors do not offer.  
DIRECTIONS:  Go west on Watson Lane until it ends at Sunset Lane.  
Turn right on Sunset and go about a block and you will see the
warehouse on the left.
The office is not at this location.

The next street past the warehouse, on the same side of the street, is
William and Mary Ct.  The rental office is located on that street.  
Please call first:  270-826-3920.
Call 270-826-3920
and we will be happy to serve you.
Sunset Lane Miniwarehouse
2755 Sunset Lane
Sunset Lane Miniwarehouse
2755 Sunset Lane
Neighborhood Storage